The Souls of Rokugan, once the Songs and the Echoes, changed history.

But even such legendary heroes could not prevent a war ten centuries in the making. The Clan Wars ravaged Rokugan as no war since the First, leaving millions dead and the land itself shattered.

Ultimately, the actions of Rokugan’s greatest representatives, the Seven Thunders, saved the Emerald Empire from the Dark Kami Fu-Leng. Second Day of Thunder.jpg

Not long after, the Lying Darkness, the Nothing that had threatened existence since creation itself, brought death, war, and whispers of the End upon the Empire. This time, it took the champions of both the past and the present to defeat their foe, and the Lying Darkness was thought vanquished for all time.

Death of the Nothing?

But Rokugan had only three short years to recover. The Returned heroes were commanded to commit seppuku by the Emperor, Toturi I: those who didn’t wish to die again rallied around Hantei XVI, the Steel Chrysanthemum, who seeks to claim the throne once more.

The year is 1146, and new heroes must step forward to heal the rifts created by this Spirit War, while foreign threats and the Heavens themselves prepare for war.

In the end, the Fate of the world will depend
not on those Chosen by Destiny, but on those Cursed by it.

Guardian of the Gates

Legend of the Five Rings: Accursed Destiny

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