Legend of the Five Rings: Accursed Destiny

Session 14 - Mysteries and Masterminds

Guiding his companions from the temple to his family home, Bayushi Mamoru informed them that he had been called home suddenly to ensure the safety and security of Bayushi lands. Tatsuya glanced back toward the battlefield and quipped that he was doing, “an excellent job so far.”

They proceeded to the castle, preparing to meet the lord of these lands, Mamoru’s father Bayushi Takahiro. The Scorpion daimyo gave them all a place of honor at his table, in thanks for the rescue of his daughter Miyako, who had yet to leave Tatsuya’s side. With a glance to his son and to his daughter, the aging Scorpion invited the questing samurai band to stay under his hospitality until the Cherry Blossom Festival, which he promised would be a memorable event.

Kiyomi immediately joined in on affairs at the court, joined by Kiyo with Sagura’s permission. Hitomi and Yuzuki departed to practice in the dojo, while Sagura himself spent an enjoyable evening verbally sparring with Bayushi Kasumi.

That evening, Yuzuki decided to introduce her Phoenix companion to the wonders of sake. Still dealing with the loss of his eyes, Sagura agreed and was soon utterly plastered. Songs were sung, sake was never spilled, and the two drowned their sorrows before seeking their beds.

Toward morning, however, two notable events occurred: Tatsuya’s rest was disturbed by the sound of an assassin escaping his room, and Sagura rolled over to Kiyo’s bedroll in his drunken sleep. Of the two, the second was more close to being fatal, as the blind samurai seized a handful of soft and perky in an attempt to figure out what he was up against.

Something about the ‘assassination attempt’ bothered Tatsuya, though: a suspicion preyed on his mind, made him question the truthfulness of his friend and host. Everything seemed… too convenient. His life had been saved too many times, at the last second, for it not to be somehow orchestrated. Gathering together with Miyako and Ujina Suzuka, he shared his misgivings, leading them out the following day to investigate the site of the battle.

Almost immediately, he uncovered disturbing information: the Scorpion force had been waiting for some time, watching his companions approach the temple. The ronin had possessed more koku than they should have seen in a lifetime. The monks at the temple agreed that they were treated well, even somewhat respectfully, despite the ronin occupation lasting a week. Miyako, overcome by anger, suggested that perhaps her father and brother had set this up in an attempt to win Sanjuro’s trust once and for all… and perhaps, to secure him a place in the family with her hand.

Their trip back to the city was interrupted by a final piece of evidence: a meeting with Doji Akae, who revealed himself to be the Kolat’s Master Coin. He explained that the Kolat had never threatened Tatsuya, that he had been lead to believe that by a third party… and that every attempt on his life had been managed by someone close to him.


First thing’s first. I must face Kiyo with what has happened. But as soon as I can after that I must beg Tatsuya-San to travel with me to my lands, perhaps even get aid from the Dragon armies.

I must be with my people in their time of need.


Why do most of my elaborate plans I come up with come crumbling down around me? I have a funny feeling as if something is going to explode right in my face. Hopefully I am just being paranoid.

I am pleased that I have gotten by well enough that my father is pleased with me, but even in my own home I am trapped. Akemi-san is pregnant and believes it is mine. Granted, the timing is coincidentally accurate, I refuse to believe that she is so eager to marry me. She is up to something I just don’t know what yet. I doubt I’ll even have the time to investigate. What really irks me is the fact that I have brought an enemy (minor) clansman into our midst. It is bothersome our code calls for us to treat her like an honored guest all the while she will openly, yet subtly, display her contempt for us Scorpions with that forked tongue of hers.

I’ve heard Kiyome-san is to be wed but is unhappy with her potential suitors. We would be quite the team if we were a couple. However, she does not like the major clans and I am not sure if I can turn my back on my clan and my family. But I would be free to engage in what I was trained to do and that is to hunt the minions of jigoku! I honestly grow tired of the posturing and politicking, even though I was trained to deal with the politics, I am not the best at it compared to my sister, Kasumi or my mother. Even my father and brother, Hayate are well-equipped to deal with getting what they want from people more than I am. I suppose it is a form of training for me, I only hope I can pass the test life is issuing me.

It is nice to home and around family again however…


Why do I feel like there is more to this kidnapping than is apparent. I have a feeling someone is not telling me the truth.

I have a feeling these men that captured Mamoru’s sister were hired by someone close to her. so that we, and more accurately I could save her.

someone has made me kill against my will. I will find out who, and ask them how they will repent for it.


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