Legend of the Five Rings: Accursed Destiny

Session 7 - Making New Friends

The remainder of the party’s journey to Fox lands was spent in reflection and thought.

Kasuga Kiyomi spent much of her time considering the kiss Bayushi Mamoru had surprised her with. Eventually Kiyomi and her yojimbo, Toritaka Hitomi, quarreled over lies and a lack of communication, ending with the two unwilling even to see one another.

Sanjuro Tatsuya found himself overwhelmed. In such a short time, he had lost a man who was almost his brother, battled hordes of evil spirits, seen the destitution his acts had wrought upon his birth Clan, been the target of Kolat assassins, and fought one of the mightiest beasts of the sea. Yet ahead of him lay his greatest challenge: healing the wounds left by his ignorant actions as a child.

Mamoru had little time in introspection, choosing instead to spend time with Kakita Kiyo and lift his cousin Tatsuya’s spirits. The Scorpion knew his Duty, and took solace in his continued performance of those tasks.

Shiba Sagura meditated during most of the voyage. He built upon his ‘Way of the Leaf’, and sought to find peace after his life’s recent, immense upheaval. His yojimbo, Kiyo, meditated alongside him, undergoing her own emotional trials. The only ‘fun’ activity he undertook was the crafting of a play, detailing their exploits, to be performed by Mamoru.

Sanjuro Yuzuki spent the voyage as she always did: living life in the now, and living it to the fullest. She fished and laughed alongside the Tortoise sailors, refusing to worry about the upcoming Court… or possibly forgetting about its existence. The truth, only Yuzuki knows.

When at last the group docked in Fox lands, they were greeted by the 9 still-living children of Kitsune Yamako and Kitsune Toshiro. Tatsuya felt the weight of their judgement, especially under the furious gaze of Kitsune Ayaka, and knew that any attempts to befriend them would indeed be part of an uphill struggle.

As they were escorted to Kyuden Kitsune, Mamoru ingratiated himself with the eldest Kitsune twins, Toshiaki and Masuhiro. They helped him secure the materials he would need for Sagura’s play, and the Scorpion began to prepare for a performance that very night. When they entered the Citadel of the Fox Clan, they were greeted by Kitsune Daisuke, Lord of the Fox, fresh from his iajutsu lessons. They were warmly welcomed and given rooms near to one another: Tatsuya was informed that Yamako would eventually summon him for their audience, but only in the Forest Guardian’s own time.

After the ritual greetings, and the manner of Tatsuya’s ‘execution’ were handled, Sagura stepped forward to address the informal Fox Daimyo. The Phoenix heir humbly requested permission to attend the Court as a representative of his own Clan, and not simply as a guest. As no Major Clans had been invited to the event, Daisuke was understandably concerned about offending every other Clan not represented there, but was swayed by Sagura’s words of friendship and the Brotherhood of Duty. He agreed to endorse the Phoenix as a delegate if and only if Sagura could convince his three main opponents to relent:

Ujina Suzuka, Hare representative, who opposed him out of pure contentiousness.
Seppun Kenta, who opposed the inclusion of a single Major Clan at an event meant only for Minor Clans… and Imperial oversight.
And Suzume Riko, diplomat of the Sparrow, found the entire situation, and Sagura’s personal reputation, totally objectionable.

While Sagura went around the Court, desperately attempting to gain the endorsement he needed, Yuzuki acquainted herself with her fellow courtiers. She immediately struck up a rough friendship with the Badger and Monkey, and a mutual dislike with the Hare. With Mamoru’s help, she learned a little of the Court’s format, and the nature of the other courtiers: forewarned is forearmed, and Yuzuki already felt herself ill-prepared to handle the demands of representing the Mongoose at this Court.

Hitomi roamed the castle, reacquainting herself with the Foxes and training with her father Benkei. Benkei made mention of his upcoming marriage, and hinted as subtly as he could that Hitomi had best find herself a mate soon. This in mind, Hitomi set to sharpening her skills, declaring that she would only marry the man who defeated her in single combat. Sezuka of the Hare obliged her with an athletic duel, and the two quickly built up an understanding, perhaps even a friendship.

Kiyomi stayed behind the scenes, greeting Foxes and paving the way for her agenda within the upcoming Court. When she heard of Sagura’s ambitions, and his successful inroads toward his goal, she began to plot around that, as well…

Just as he was finishing his preparations for the play, Mamoru noticed a familiar presence: Shosuro Akemi had come to visit. Disguised as a servant, she claimed that her purpose was simply to help Mamoru achieve his own goals at this Court. The Scorpion didn’t believe her for an instant, and immediately began testing his food for poison with a growing, and not-unfounded, paranoia.

After dinner, Sagura performed his artistic kata for those present, followed by Kiyomi demonstrating the art of the Voice with a warm, happy song. The evening’s climax came when Mamoru flawlessly performed the humorous play reccounting their adventures, delighting old and young alike with a good tale told well through action and the dance of painted fans.

Late that night, with everyone else asleep, Tatsuya was summoned into Kitsune Mori to meet with Yamako, Guardian of that Forest, and mother of the kitsune he had fatally wounded as a youth. There he begged for her forgiveness, and was told what he must do to achieve it. A task so daunting, the Mongoose preferred to fight another Uzu-me-boshi alone than attempt it.


They say that failure is often the best teacher. Well, this night was the night I was taught a few lessons. I need to continue improving myself and I remember must always, ALWAYS be on my guard. Although being on the road was nice, it has sullied my skills as a Scorpion and I must remember that I am always a Scorpion first.

The last fight we had a sea nearly killed me, I have been physically and mentally drained, and my emotions have been interfering in my judgments. I got careless because of all of those reasons…

I got poisoned at dinner, I was bested in verbal manipulation by a minor clansman, albeit, she is highly skilled; but I still feel ashamed that it has occurred nonetheless; I already nearly jeopardized everything with my careless words. Next, I failed in finding a way to rid this Hare from the courts, I found nothing helpful to achieve my goal when I snuck into her quarters. Lastly, in my blind fatigue, I barely realized Shosuro-san was disguised as a servant in my own quarters. She claims she is there to help me, but I am not so certain. As there are plans to have us betrothed by our families lest I find someone else…she will surely have me shamed or murdered beforehand. I feel as if my back is against a wall since I have so much “competition” to oppose me in achieving my goals.

But I’m so tired, so very tired…my travel has been long, I am poisoned, fatigued, frustrated, and thrice-defeated today. I must sleep, regain my energy, and begin scheming of a plan that would make any Scorpion jealous of such treachery and deviousness!

Session 7 - Making New Friends

Though I knew talking my way into the Minor Clans’ Winter Court would be difficult, I did not expect this level of bitterness and hate to be directed towards myself. However, I cannot blame these men and women, not after how they’ve been treated by the rest of Rokugan. They may have fewer numbers and fewer resources, but they have been given tasks by the Emperor just as the Great Clans have. The Mantis have shown us that given enough will and guile, even Minor Clans can rise to Major status. If I have learned one thing in my short travels it is that men are men—there are heroes and villains in all strata of society.

Hopefully I can work to bridge the gap between Major and Minor Clans. The Pheonix will certainly need all the allies it can get if the Gaijin invasion is truly threatening them to the extent that the Mantis letters have said.

Working so hard to achieve this goal is exhilarating, if hard work. Plus, it keeps my mind from other… distractions. One more representative left to convince, and I will have earned my place at the Court.

Fortunes guide me.

Session 7 - Making New Friends

Find love she says. That is what I have to do in order to gain Kitsune Yamako’s forgiveness. find love. I think I’d rather she sent me to kill another Uzu-me-boshi. The complexities of dueling, the delicate strokes of calligraphy, strategies for battle, these are things I understand. Women are another matter. I don’t know what I am going to do in that front. However, I will try, because it is what I have to do.

I am that much closer to ending the curse on the Mongoose, and giving Yukiko’s life back.

Session 7 - Making New Friends

Um…..I think I’m lost…….

Session 7 - Making New Friends

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