Legend of the Five Rings: Accursed Destiny

Session 8 - Keeping Track of Allies

While Shiba Sagura worked to undo centuries of mistrust and poor treatment, aided in secret by Bayushi Mamoru, someone else worked behind the scenes to deny the young Phoenix’s efforts. Sagura’s efforts to secure Suzume Riko’s approval fell flat, though she did express an interest in seeing how truly he kept to his words of friendship and mutual respect between Minor and Major Clans.

Hitomi chafed at the inaction as everyone prepared for Court, while Tatsuya morosely pondered the Task Yamako had set before him.

Trouble reared its head when Yuzuki was declared missing: several servants had seen her run into the forest the previous night. Hitomi, Sagura, Mamoru, and Tatsuya grabbed Kitsune Toshiaki as a guide and set off into the forest to find her. Toshiaki turned out to be a poor choice of guide, and they soon became totally lost.

After several terrifying battles with predatory gaki, the group was pinned down by several shozai-gaki. Bloodied, beaten, and deprived of his katana, Sagura took up a tree branch and struck out at the hungry ghosts. In his hands, the branch warped into a naginata, glowing with unearthly might, and he drove off the gaki before collapsing from his wounds.

Hitomi and Sagura were wounded terribly, and had to be carried from the forest in haste, as more gaki smelled prey and chased after them. The group emerged on the opposite side of Kitsune Mori, into Crane lands, and sought sanctuary in the lands of Doji Hakura the Second.

After another harrowing adventure, this time involving a senile shugenja and a monstrous lord, the party spent three days circumventing Kitsune Mori. They arrived back at Kyuden Kitsune in time to see themselves enter the forest for the first time: the magic of Chikushudo had twisted time, making them arrive no later than they had first left.

As Court at last began, Sagura went before all the delegates together to request admittance as the Phoenix representative. The room was silent for a short while before Kasuga Kiyomi and Suzume Riko spoke with one voice: No.

Meanwhile, Yuzuki awoke in the forest, finding herself nude on a pile of conspicuously large feathers…


Um….okay still lost but i think I’m heading towards the Rat, other then that…….nope still lost I hope the Court went alright, Kami-sama I think I messed up again.


It brings me sorrow to think that such bitterness exists in the heart of one of my companions. Not to say it isn’t understandable why a Minor Clan would feel that way towards the Major Clans. After all, little love is lost between the two groups. The fact that the Minor Clans have always been treated little better than peasants is a black mark on the Empire’s history. Unfortunately, the exclusion is now being practiced on both sides.

I must look for silver linings, however. I will have more time to work on my plays and poetry, and I saw a lovely little inn outside the keep that I could stay at and enjoy.

For now I will stay in Fox lands to help Tatsuya as promised. Once that is done, I must to turn my thoughts to home and my people. If we are in danger, that is where I am needed.

If my journey home takes me through Imperial lands, there is another matter I must take care of…


Surrounded by enemies in shadow, companions that try to sabotage you, walls set up to stop you from achieving your goal…ahh, the life of a Scorpion! Although my chances of joining this Winter Court of the Minor Clans was denied. My friendship with the Mongoose Clan has at least bought me an alternative means to get the Scorpion Clan’s interests represented. I’m sure I can help them with any courtly matters if needs be considering they lack the experience that I may have (or by any other means necessary as well).

I’ve initiated my plans; hopefully I can see them come to fruition. I have made some contingency plans in case they don’t succeed. If all else fails, I will have to do what I do best, think on my feet (now that I am well rested and alert). A Scorpion is most deadly when it is cornered…


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