Legend of the Five Rings: Accursed Destiny

Session 9 - Duty and Dishonor

Kitsune Daisuke, Daimyo of the Fox, decided to take advantage of his guests’ “abilities” by charging them with clearing out the Gaki of Kitsune Mori. Bayushi Mamoru, Sanjuro Tatsuya, Sanjuro Yuzuki, Shiba Sagura, and Toritaka Hitomi agreed, accompanied by Kitsune Ayaka and four Kitsune Rangers.

The First Great Gaki-Hunt went amazing well at first, with Sagura and Mamoru taking the only major injuries, which were immediately healed by Ayaka. Dozens of gaki fell beneath their concerted efforts, and after a few hours the forest around them went quiet.

Ayaka was concerned about the sheer number of gaki: usually, her mother kept their numbers to manageable levels. She set aside her worry, stepping into Chikushudo with Yuzuki to ensure her arrival at Court on time. On the way back, however, the two young women noticed a feeling of dread and the scent of blood on the air: they stepped into the real world to see a pair of beautiful Crane women having a maho duel. The first, identified as Ineko, Song of Blood, spoke of a plan to ‘escape the bonds of Taint and mortality both’. The second maho-tsukai flung scarlet lightning at her, which was deflected and claimed several of the Kitsune Rangers, drawing the rest of the party to their location.

There was a brief but terrifying fight: the second maho-tsukai was revealed as an akutenshi, a dark ‘angel’ in the direct service of Fu Leng. The party proved equal to the task, however, as their skill and their Tsi weapons caused the tempting demoness to take flight. When it came to Ineko, however… the party balked. Injured, many of them almost to death, Sagura felt it was still their duty to deal with the powerful blood-mage. Tatsuya and Yuzuki, whose Clan specialized in slaying maho-tsukai, realized it was an impossible task without casualties, and outvoted the Phoenix. Ineko made pleasant conversation, and then fled before the Guardian of the Forest arrived.

They returned to Kyuden Kitsune, the brooding Phoenix continuing on to stay at an inn within the town. The others proceeded to enjoy a relaxing bath, debating about their actions, and the nature of Duty.


We should have faced the second blood witch.

I am aware we would have perished, but perhaps we could have bought time for the Spirit of the Forest, Yamako, to arrive and take care of the threat herself. After all, isn’t a samurai’s duty to give his life for his lord and the Empire?

But a samurai must also own his actions. I chose not to attack the witch, either, so I shouldn’t dwell on the past. I’ve found a skilled smith in the village outside Kyuden Kistune, and with his help I will repair my katana and forge a new naginata. Busying myself in such an artful craft will help calm my mind and center my soul.

I hope Kiyo isn’t too bored protecting a lord’s son spending his days in a smithy…

Session 9 - Duty and Dishonor

I don’t know what it is, but we seem to find a huge number of gaki every time we go somewhere. I still haven’t discovered why I am cursed to have them pursue me so vehemently; but I need to find a way to put it to a stop.

We managed to come across some dangerous foes. First the water troll and then the dark angel of Fu Leng. Are we destined for something great? It seems we are destined to have an interesting path lying ahead of us.

Then we met the “Blood Echo” which was a maho witch named Ineko. Since she helped us in battle and asked us to let her go I felt we did have a bit of a “debt” owed to her but I warned her that if we crossed paths again, we would be enemies. Shiba-san was not happy about our decisions but consented but he also disgraced me a bit by tossing my blade on the ground in a distasteful manner. I think we shall keep to our own devices for now until he clams down and/or I can bring myself to forgive him. I may be a bit more open-minded than most other samurai from other clans, but I am nonetheless from a major clan and was insulted by the way he treated the gift I gave him.

Session 9 - Duty and Dishonor

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