Bayushi Kasumi

Mamoru's Younger Sister

Air: 3 Earth: 2 Fire: 3 Water: 2 Void: 2
Willpower: 3 Perception: 3
Initiative: 4k4 Attack: Wakizashi, 4k3
Damage: Wakizashi, 4k2 Armor TN:
Reduction: 0
Honor: 2.5 * 3.5 Status: 1 Glory: 2

School/Rank: Bayushi Courtier School/2
Advantages: Dangerous Beauty: 3, Irreproachable: 2, * Perceived honor: 2, Voice: 3
Disadvantages: Driven: 2, Lechery: 2, Phobia: 1 (cats), Rumormonger: 5
Techniques: Weakness is my Strength-When Kasumi makes a Contested Social Roll against someone else, she gains a Free Raise for every 3 points of Mental and Social Disadvantages (round down), they possess, even if they did not grant Experience points. This Technique caps at 5 Free Raises. Kasumi also gains a Free Raise to Courtier when spreading gossip, and need not call a Raise to conceal the fact that she’s the source of the gossip. Shallow Waters-By spending a few minutes in conversation with someone, Kasumi can roll Investigation/Awareness vs. Etiquette/Awareness. If she succeeds she learns their lowest Mental Trait and lowest trained Social Skill. By spending a void, she learns the second lowest Mental Trait and second lowest trained Social Skill.

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Caligraphy 2 Int 5k3 Cipher
†Courtier 4 Aw 7k3 Gossip
†Etiquette 2 Aw 5k3
†Investigation 2 Per 5k3
†Sincerity 2 Aw 5k3 Deceit
†Temptation* 3 Aw 6k3
†Perform 2 varies 4k3-5k3 +1k1 when using voice
Acting 2 Aw 5k3
Artisan 2 Aw 5k3
Forgery* 2 Ag 5k3
Investigation 2 Aw 5k3
Lore 1 Int 4k3 Great Clan (Phoenix)
Lore 1 Int 4k3 Heraldry
Lore 1 Int 4k3 History
Medicine 1 void 3k2
Sincerity 2 Aw 5k3
Kenjutsu 1 Ag 4k3
Knives 1 Ag 4k3
Sleight of Hand* 1 Ag 4k3
Temptation* 1 Aw 4k3

*Low Skills


Kasumi is Takahiro’s eldest daughter. Of all of Takahiro’s children, she is the most spoiled. This has led the rest of the siblings to believe she is Takahiro’s “favorite”. However, Takahiro’s approach to spoiling her is not because she is his favorite, but to give her a taste of the “aristocratic lifestyle” for her to crave. This plan has worked well as she is very ambitious to get what she wants on her own and will do whatever she needs to do in order to continue her lavish lifestyle on her own (knowing full well her father will not always be around to shelter her).

She is currently being groomed to be the exclusive courtier to the Phoenix Clan. A task she looks forward to considering the wealth and lavishness lifestyle the Phoenix tends to live.

Kasumi has a mild phobia of cats considering the Scorpion Clan’s superstitions towards cats. But also because Kasumi had a bad encounter with a stray cat when she was a child as it attacked her which traumatized her and the fear carries on to this day.

Bayushi Kasumi

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