Bayushi Mamoru

Scorpion Clan Assassin

Air: Earth: Fire: Water: Void:
Willpower: Perception:
Initiative: Attack:
Damage: Armor TN:
Honor: Status: Glory:



Father: Bayushi Takahiro (deceased)
Mother: Bayushi Kaoru
Elder Brother: Bayushi Shinobu (missing, presumed deceased)
Second Elder Brother: Bayushi Hayate
Younger Sister: Bayushi Kasumi
Youngest Sister: Bayushi Miyako

Mamoru was third-born of Takahiro’s family. They are cousins of the ruling Bayushi family and are held in high esteem within the Scorpion clan. Since three is often deemed as “unlucky” by many Scorpions, Mamoru was somewhat looked down upon by his father (although he still has love for him, though he doesn’t admit it openly).

Takahiro is daimyo of an area that is near the border of the Unicorn and Lion lands and is charged with defending the borders. Takahiro does this rather successfully by causing “minor disturbances” via political (and often underhanded) means to disrupt the surrounding clans from concentrating on using their military might against the Scorpions.

Takahiro felt it necessary to utilize the different aspects of the clan’s schools by sending some of his children to separate schools. Doing so helps Takahiro gain advantage over other Scorpion families by doing the schools a “favor” by having his family name amongst the different schools’ as their alumni. Takahiro also realizes that his family would have the full spectrum of the clans’ schools at his disposal once they have returned home to him.

Takahiro sent Mamoru to the Shosuro Infiltrator school and Miyako to the Soshi Shugenja school. Meanwhile, Takahiro kept the rest of his children in the Bayushi schools by sending his eldest sons Shinobu and Hayate to the Bushi school and Kasumi to the Courtier school.

Although being slightly disgraced by being sent to another school, Mamoru trained hard. He learned the arts of stealth and infiltration. Since the Spirit Wars occurred the Soshi Shugenja school concentrated on Mamoru’s training on assassinating practitioners of the “dark arts” and those of who are affiliated. Although Mamoru was still trained on assassinating anyone his duty required, he preferred the idea of doing “good” to help his clan look better in the eyes of the other clans.

Since graduating from school, Mamoru was (grudgingly) reassigned to be a yojimbo for Shosuro Akemi and to participate as her representative in the Iaijutsu duel at Murimoto’s Court. After accomplishing this deed, he followed Tatsuya to Mongoose lands and has vowed to never leave his side. Mamoru has thus far been dutiful in ensuring Tatsuya’s safety wherever he goes for reasons only known to himself.

After returning to the Scorpionlands, Mamoru’s home has been utterly destroyed and his father and eldest brother both apparently dead. Mamoru has vowed to fulfill his duties, as a supernatural assassin, in destroying the creatures of shadow. Traveling on with his friends and allies, he now disguises himself along with the others as commoner merchants and travelers with vengeance on his mind.


Bayushi Mamoru

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