Bayushi Shinobu

Mamoru's Eldest Brother

Air: 4 Earth: 2 Fire: 3 Water: 4 Void: 3
Willpower: 2 Perception: 4
Initiative: 7k4 Attack: Bisento, 7k3
Damage: Katana, 7k3 Armor TN: 35
Reduction: 5
Honor: 2.5 Status: ? Glory: ?

School/Rank: Bayushi Bushi School/3
Advantages: Large: 4, Strength of the Earth: 2, Wary: 3, Wealthy: 1
Disadvantages: Antisocial: 2, Brash: 3, Idealistic: 2, Insensitive: 3
Techniques: The Way Of The Scorpion, Pincers And Tail, Strike At The Tail

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Courtier 1 Aw 5k4 Manipulation
†Defense 3 Ref 7k4
†Etiquette 1 Aw 5k4
†Iaijutsu 3 Ref 7k4
†Kenjutsu 3 Ag 6k3
†Polearms 4 Per 7k3
†Sincerity 2 Aw 6k4
Athletics 2 Str 6k4
Battle 3 Per 7k4
Heavy Weapons 1 Ag 4k3
Hunting 1 Per 5k4
Intimidation* 2 Aw 6k4
Investigation 2 Per 6k4
Jiujutsu 2 Ag 5k3
Knives 2 Ag 5k3
Kyuijutsu 2 Ref 6k4
Lore 2 Int 5k3

*Low Skills


Shinobu is Mamoru’s eldest brother. Although he does not act like a typical Scorpion, he is well-favored by their father when it comes to leading on the battlefield. Shinobu is feared by his enemies and allies alike. He is a quick-tempered man and has little time to mince words unless it deals with going over battle strategies. Shinobu did not concentrate on the deceptions and under-handed tactics that most Scorpions learn. Instead, Shinobu was only interested in combat and achieving victory and therefore concentrated on his martial skills; he prefers to be on the battlefield rather than lead in a secluded room “full of shadows and conspiracy” as he coins it. Shinobu’s chosen path does tend to irk Takahiro considering he is next in line which has led to Takahiro to secretly consider his second oldest, Hayate, to become his heir as his second eldest is more like himself; however Takahiro hopes that his eldest will come around when the time comes. Shinobu is also unnaturally big considering his bloodlines. It is believed by many (including himself) that he was gifted by the Kami and that he is destined to be a great warrior.

Although rough on the exterior, he does care for his family very much but shows it in different ways; more through action than with words. Shinobu also follows the Bushido code very strictly which means he is not proud of what his family is capable of doing and tends to disavow any knowledge of such dealings. He is also hardest on Mamoru as the school he was assigned to seems the “least honorable” to Shinobu; but he does not hold it against his brother as he is well aware that Mamoru was ordered to go to the school by their father and dutifully went.

Bayushi Shinobu

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