Bayushi Takahiro (deceased)

Scorpion Daimyo, Mamoru's father

Air: 4 Earth: 3 Fire: 4 Water: 3 Void: 3
Willpower: 4 Perception: 4
Initiative: 9k4 Attack: Katana, 9k4
Damage: Katana, 6k2 Armor TN: 30
Reduction: 3
Honor: 2.5 Status: ? Glory: ?

School/Rank: Bayushi Bushi School/5
Advantages: Blackmail: 1 (Shosuro Ku), Blissful Betrothal (Kaoru): 3, Crafty: 2^, Wealthy: 3
Disadvantages: Driven: 2, Phobia: 1 (cats)
Techniques: The Way of the Scorpion, Pincers and Tail, Strike At The Tail, Strike From Above-Strike From Below, The Pincers Hold-The Tail Strikes

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Battle 5 Per 9k4
†Courtier 5 Aw 9k4 Manipulation
†Defense 4 Ref 8k4
†Etiquette 4 Aw 8k4
†Iaijutsu 5 Ref 9k4
†Kenjutsu 5 Ag 9k4
†Sincerity 4 Aw 8k4
Acting 4 Aw 8k4
Athletics 4 Str 7k3
Calligraphy 4 Int 8k4 Decipher
Craft* 3 None Poison
Intimidation* 3 Aw 7k3
Investigation 4 Per 8k4
Lore 1 Int 5k4 Crane
Lore 2 Int 6k4 Heraldry
Lore 3 Int 7k4 Lion
Jiujutsu 2 Ag 6k4
Knives 3 Ag 7k3
Forgery*^ 1 Ag 5k4
Sleight of Hand*^ 1 Ag 5k4
Stealth*^ 1 Ag 5k4
Temptation*^ 1 Aw 5k4

*Low Skills


Takahiro is Mamoru’s father and damiyo of the northern Scorpion lands. His enemies describe him as cautious, crafty, cunning, ruthless, and unrelenting while his friends and family describe him as loyal, intelligent, strict-yet-loving, and an all around good man; but both sides have a healthy respect for him. It is known of Takahiro that everything he does has a purpose behind it whether it may be obvious or not; he is not a man of wasted words or effort.

He has managed to keep the Lion Clan from infiltrating Scorpion lands by his scheming, deceptions, and distractions. Takahiro has also been responsible for monitoring the whereabouts of the Kolat and is also monitoring the status of the spirit armies that have been amassing. Takahiro has also been known to be oddly interested in the affairs of the Mongoose Clan especially concerning a relative of his by the name of Sanjuro Tatsuya though no one knows why.

Bayushi Takahiro (deceased)

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