Ineko, Song of Blood

Blood Speaker Temptress

Air: 6 Earth: 4 Fire: 4 Water: 2 Void: 3
Awareness: 7 Willpower: 6
Initiative: 10k7+2 Attack: Knife (7k4)
Damage: Knife (5k1) Armor TN: 30
Honor: 0.2 Status: 0 Glory: -4
Taint: 5

School/Rank: Kakita Artisan 2/Bloodspeaker Technique/Ineko’s Technique (Insight Rank 7)
Advantages: Dangerous Beauty, Prodigy, Sensation, Soul of Artistry (Artisan), Voice, Forbidden Lore: (Maho), Great Destiny/Dark Fate
Disadvantages: Dark Secret (Bloodspeaker), Jealousy (Kitsune Yamako), Seven Fortunes Curse (Benten), Permanent Wound (Jade Scar), Wrath of the Kami: Earth

Techniques: Soul of the Artisan-Raises on Perform: Singing Rolls are not limited by Ineko’s Void. The Soul’s Dream-When singing publicly, Ineko may make a Singing/Awareness roll against the audience members’ Etiquette(Courtesy)/Willpower. Those that fail are swayed and their emotions shift in a direction Ineko desires. Ichiban’s Method-Ineko gains a free raise on Maho spells, and may reduced Taint gained by a point per 2 extra Wounds she takes when casting. Or, for 1 extra Wound per point, she may transfer the Taint to another victim (the extra wounds come from the victim). Ineko’s Technique-Ineko has learned a ritual to switch bodies with someone whom she has ritually prepared to take her soul. When close to death she also explodes into a fountain of blood that flies away to reform some time later.
Shadowlands Powers: Unholy Beauty-The Taint never manifests as physical mutations on Ineko. Blood Shouting-Those who are connected to Ineko by blood suffer half the wounds she does. Blood Knows Blood-Ineko knows where every drop of her blood is, including those swallowed by others. Blood Domination-Anyone who has ingested a spoonful (1 Wound) worth of Ineko’s blood can be subject to her command. If they fail a contested Willpower roll, she commands them for a number of hours equal to her Taint (5). She cannot cause them to kill themselves, but other potentially lethal orders (“Fight that oni!”) must be obeyed. Mastery of Darkness-The Kansen swarm around Ineko, seemingly adoring her. They willingly obey her commands. As such, she knows all maho spells and can cast them without spilling blood (If she does, however, she gains 3 Free Raises). In addition, she can cast non-maho elemental spells as maho, but she must spill blood in the normal way.

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Courtier 5 Awa 10k8 + 2 Manipulation, + 1k0 Contested
†Etiquette 5 Awa 10k8 + 2 Courtesy, + 1k0 Contested
†Games: Sedane 3 Awa 10k7 + 2
†Sincerity 6 Awa 10k9 + 5 to Contested Rolls
†Perform: Singing 6 Awa 10k10 + 2
†Artisan: Poetry 2 Awa 10k7
†Perform: Dance 2 Awa 10k7
Artisan: Origami 2 Awa 9k7
Perform: Samisan 2 Awa 9k7
Calligraphy 2 Int 6k4
Games: Letters 1 Awa 8k7
Lore: Heraldry 2 Int 6k4
Tea Ceremony 3 Void 7k4
Defense 4 Ref 10k6
Temptation 8 Awa 10k9 + 2 + 5 to Contested Rolls
Knives 3 Agi 7k4
Stealth 3 Agi 7k4
Spellcraft 5 Int 9k4 + 1k0 Spell Casting
Lore: Maho 5 Int 9k4
Investigation 4 Per 8k4 Interrogation
All Artisan Skills 1 Awa 8k7
All Perform Skills 1 Awa 8k7
†School Skill

Air 10k7 + 2 + Free Raise
All Others 10k6 + Free Raise

Common Spells
When expecting trouble, Ineko casts Armor of Obsidian (Core 271).
Ineko usually starts a fight with Curse of Weakness (Core 270), to give herself an edge.
Once the fight starts, Ineko usually picks the weakest looking opponent to cast Blood Armor (EotE 30) on. They might fall sooner, but she counts on their frailty to shake the resolve of their companions.
Ineko’s favored spell is Tomb of Earth (EotE 29). After the above spells have been cast, she throws this on the toughest looking bushi.

Ineko never travels without bodyguards of some stripe, whether kansen she can summon to fight, or her “handmaiden” hags. She also never initiates a conflict unless she can trick her targets into drinking some of her blood, commonly mixed in tea or a meal. That way, she takes less damage, and can possibly turn them into her allies for a short time.


Ineko has spent the last twenty years searching for something: she has crossed Rokugan a dozen times, appearing and disappearing without a trace. Occasionally accompanying her is a large, dark figure in heavy armor.

Emerald, and more recently Jade, Magistrates have been attempting to track her down the entire time, but they have never succeeded in running her to ground. No casualties have ever been suffered in the attempts, however, which leads some to believe that the maho-tsukai is searching for redemption.

Others simply cast a suspicious eye on those who ‘miraculously’ survived an encounter with the Blood Witch.

Ineko, Song of Blood

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