Isawa Keitaro

General of the Firestorm Legion

Air: 5 Earth: 4 Fire: 7 (+1k1) Water: 4 Void: 5
Willpower: 6 Perception: 6
Initiative: 10k6 + 2 Attack: Flame Katana (10k8)
Damage: Flame Katana ( base) Armor TN: 40 (54)
Reduction: 5
Honor: 6.8 Status: 6 Glory: 9

School/Rank: Isawa Shugenja 3/Isawa Tensai/Elemental Guard 3/Master of Elements; Insight Rank 8
School Techniques: Isawa’s Gift-Keitaro gains a Free Raise on all Spell Casting rolls involving Fire. Embrace the Elements-Keitaro gains a second Fire affinity, Name of the Elements-Keitaro’s Isawa School Rank is considered one higher for purpose of Fire spells only. For a Void point he can add twice his Fire Ring (14) to his Armor TN—the effect lasts for 7 minutes as he is surrounded by flame. Touch of the Elements-Keitaro’s Shugenja Rank increases by one for all Rings. He can memorize an additional 2 Fire spells per day. Shape of the Elements-Keitaro’s Shugenja Rank is considered one higher. 5 times per day he can cast Wall of Fire as a simple action. The Secrets Between All Things-Keitaro loses all Spell Deficiencies he possessed prior to taking this path. He may cast a spell using a different element by raising the spells mastery level by 1. For instance, he could cast Path to Inner Peace as a Rank 2 Fire spell (using a Fire Spell Slot, and rolling his Fire Spell dice).
Advantages: Allies: Elemental Masters, Chosen by the Oracles (Fire), Fire Blessing, Friend of the Elements (Fire), Friendly Kami (Fire), Clear Thinker, Balance, Great Destiny, Leadership, Tactician, Sage
Disadvantages: Cursed by Jigoku (As much as Jigoku can curse anyone, he’s got it. They’re not fond of him down there.),

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Calligraphy 3 Int 10k7 Pheonix Cipher
†Lore: Theology 7 Int 10k9 None
†Lore: Shugenja 3 Int 10k7 None
†Medicine 3 Int 10k7 None
†Meditation 3 Void 7k4 Void Recovery
†Spellcraft 7 Int 10k9 Importune, +1k0 Spell Casting
†Etiquette 4 Awa 9k5 Etiquette
Courtier 4 Awa 9k5 None
Lore: Bushido 3 Int 10k7 None
Lore: Maho 3 Int 10k7 None
Kenjutsu 5 Agi 10k8 Katana, + 5 TN from armor
Athletics 4 Str 8k4 None, + 5 TN from armor
Battle 6 Per 10k7 Mass Battle
Investigation 3 Per 9k6 None
†School Skill
Element (Mastery Level) Roll Affinity: Fire x 2
Air (6) 10k6 Earth (6) 10k5 Fire (10) 10k10 + 2 + FR Water (6) 10k5 Void (6)

As a General in the Elemental Guard and Master of the Elements, Keitaro knows all spells that are not secrets of non-Phoenix shugenja families. He also has all of the Fire Spells mastered, and doesn’t need a scroll to cast any of them.


The returned Soul of Rokugan was one of the Phoenix shugenja that developed the technique for turning returned spirits back into mortals. He made a passing comment that it was remarkably similar to what “an old green-eyed friend once showed me.” Once the ritual was perfected, Keitaro was one of the first to be reverted back into a mortal man.

He now leads the Phoenix legion of Fire Shugenja into battle, wherever his clan needs him.

Isawa Keitaro

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