Kakita Katashi

Powerful Crane Lord

Air: 6 Earth: 4 Fire: 6 Water: 4 Void: 6
Willpower: 6 Perception: 6
Initiative: 10k8+16 Attack: Kakita Blade (10k7) (+2k0 vs. slower)
Damage: Kakita Blade (9k2) (+1k1 + 5 attack in Center)
(Reroll damage during duel) Amor TN: 35 (45)
Honor: 7.3 Status: 7.5 Glory: 6

School/Rank: Kakita Bushi 5/Kenshinzen 3
Advantages: Prodigy, Leadership, Sacred Weapon, Wealthy, Quick, Imperial Spouse
Disadvantages: Contrary, Driven (Strengthen the Crane), Lost Love: Toshiro, Overconfident
Techniques: The Way of the Crane-Katashi gains twice his Iaijutsu skill rank to Initiative Rolls. He gains 1k1 plus School Rank to the total of all attack and Focus rolls while in Center Stance. Speed of Lightning-Katashi gains 2k0 to all attacks against foes with lower Initiative. First and Last Strike-Strike first on a difference of 3 or higher in Iaijutsu; gain a free raise for each margin of 3 instead of 5. One Strike, Two Cuts-Samurai weapon attacks are Simple actions instead of Complex. Strike With No Thought-Take one Simple action (including movement) per turn while in Center Stance. There is no limit to how many turns may be spent in Center Stance. Drawing the Void-Add 10 Armor TN when in Center Stance. Kakita Strength-Assessment/Focus rolls explode on 9 and 10. A Single Moment-If only one attack is made per turn, any opponent who is hit is Stunned until Katashi’s next turn.

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Etiquette 6 Awa 10k7 Bureaucracy, Courtesy
†Iaijutsu 8 A/R/V 10k8 Assessment, Focus, Strike
†Kenjutsu 6 Agi 10k7 Katana
†Kyujutsu 2 Ref 8k6
†Sincerity 6 Awa 10k7 Honesty, Deceit
†Tea Ceremony 3 Void 9k6
†Battle 5 Per 10k6 + 2 Mass Battle
Artisan: Poetry 3 Awa 9k6
Courtier 6 Awa 10k7 Manipulation
Games: Sadane 4 Awa 10k6
Investigation 3 Per 9k6
Lore: Heraldry 4 Int 10k6
Lore: Bushido 5 Int 10k6 + 2
Lore: History 3 Int 9k6
Athletics 2 Str 6k4
Defense 2 Ref 8k6

A powerful Crane lord, second only to the Clan Champion (and head of the Kakita family), Katashi is a stern, strict lord. Though he was killed once, he somehow wandered back into Ningen-do from the afterlife, making him the first returned spirit a decade before Oblivion’s Gate was opened. Since then, he has made himself mortal once more with the ritual in Phoenix lands.

When he first returned, he was a changed man. He was more compassionate and genial, more forgiving of minor slights. However, when his son left Crane lands for good to become a spirit in Kitsune Mori, he has turned hard like he was before his first death. His son was a great samurai, the ideal of what every Crane should be. Toshiro’s “retirement” from mortality has left Katashi grieving for his son as if he had died, as well feeling of betrayed by his own family.

Kakita Katashi

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