Kakita Kiyo

Youngest Child of Kakita Kakashi

Kakita Kiyo
Air: 4 Earth: 4 Fire: 6 Water: 3 Void: 4
Reflexes: 5
Honor: 8.9 Status: 1.0 Glory: 10.0

School/Rank: Daidoji Iron Warriors 5, Empress Guard,
Advantages: Dangerous Beauty, Fame, Elemental Blessing: Fire, Irreproachable, Great Potential, Prodigy
Disadvantages: True Love, Black Sheep, Lost Love, Overconfident


Youngest daughter of Kakita Katashi, a member of the Kenshinzen and head of the Kakita family, Kiyo has grown up in the shadow of her only brother, the Soul Kakita Toshiro, and her eldest sister, Sanjuro Hinata.

A true prodigy within her dojo, after years of hard work, Kiyo has heard about her ‘nephew’ Sanjuro Tatsuya. Realizing that Tatsuya has been raised in a rival dueling academy to her Father’s, she jumped at the opportunity to see him and defeat him in a duel. Every night she dreams of the honor and glory that will be hers upon her victory…

For the Court of Mirumoto Fumiko, she was assigned as yojimbo to Asahina Minoru, a renowned Crane courtier.

For the Kitsune Winter Court, she has been assigned as yojimbo to Shiba Sagura.

Kakita Kiyo

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