Kasuga Kasumi

Tortoise Clan Daimyo

Kasuga Kasumi
Air: 3 Earth: 3 Fire: 4 Water: 3 Void: 3
Awareness: 6
Initiative: 8k3 Attack: Wakizashi (5k4)
Armor TN: 20 Damage: Wakizashi (5k2)
Reduction: 0
Honor: 2 (8 Perceived) Status: 7.5 Glory: 3

School/Rank: Kasuga Smuggler School 5
Advantages: Languages (5 ranks; 9 Gaijin languages & Sign), Prodigy(Add 1k0 to school skills), Read Lips, Sensation(Considered Rank 1 in Perform Skills), Seven Fortune’s Blessing: Benten(add 0k1 on Social to Persuade), Voice(add 1k1 on Perform skills utilizing voice), Blissful Betrothal (Kasuga Tomo), Wealth (10 ranks), Forbidden Knowledge: Kolat, Perceived Honor (6 ranks), Ally: Toritaka Benkei – 8, Ally: Kitsune Yamako – 6, Ally: Kakita Hiroshi
Disadvantages: Dark Secret, Dark Fate, Consumed: Insight (Commerce)
Techniques: Way of the Tortoise: Learn additional gaijin language for free with every purchase of the Languages Advantage. Do not lose Honor for using Low skills or Glory for Commerce in public as long as it is part of your duty to your clan. When dealing with Heimin or Hinin, gain +2k0 bonus to all Social Skill Rolls.
Shell of the Tortoise: Any clan or Imperial Samurai who physically attacks or openly slanders you without provocation on your part (GM’s Discretion) will immediately lose a number points of Honor equal to twice your School Rank.
Eyes of the Emperor: When acting on behalf of your clan, you may roll additional unkept dice equal to your School Rank on all Low Skills in which you have at least one Skill Rank.
Hand in Hand: Once per session, if you have access to the local Heimin or Hinin, you can roll Lore: Underworld/Awareness at TN 25 to learn once useful piece of information that cannot be learned any other way.
The Tortoise Smiles: When making a Skill Roll with any of your six specified School Skills, your maximum Raises are not limited by your Void. A number of times per session equal to your Void Ring, you may gain +5k0 bonus when making a roll with any of your School Skills. This bonus can stack with the bonus from Rank Three.
Outfit: Extravagant Clothing, Wakizashi, Calligraphy Set, 5 Koku, Traveling Pack

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities Clan Abilities Advantages/Disadvantages
†*Stealth 3 Agi 8k4 +5k0 when acting on behalf of Clan +1k0
†Commerce 3 Int 8k4 +1k0
†*Lore – Underworld 5 Int 10k4 +1k0
†Investigation 4 Per 8k3 Notice +1k0
†^Etiquette 10 Awa 10k9 +2 Bureaucracy, Courtesy, +10 insight +2k0 against Heimin or Hinin +1k0
†^Courtier 10 Awa 10k9 +2 Gossip, Manipulation, +10 insight +2k0 against Heimin or Hinin +1k0, +0k1 to persuade
†^Sincerity 7 Awa 10k8 *Deceit (+5k0 when acting on behalf of Clan), Honesty, +1k0
*Forgery 3 Agl 7k4 +5k0 when acting on behalf of Clan
*^Temptation 6 Awa 9k7 Bribery +5k0 when acting on behalf of Clan, +2k0 against Heimin or Hinin
*Sleight of Hand 3 Agl 7k4 +5k0 when acting on behalf of Clan
Kenjutsu 1 Agl 5k4
Lore: Heraldry 2 Int 6k4
Lore: Bushido 2 Int 6k4
*^Intimidation 5 Awa 9k7 Control +5k0 when acting on behalf of Clan, +2k0 against Heimin or Hinin
Calligraphy 4 Int 8k4 Cipher
Perform Skills Considered Rank 1 Varies Varies +1k1 on skills using Voice
†School Skill *Low Skill ^ Social Skill

Never destined to take over the Tortoise clan, Kasuga Kasumi became Daimyo after her aunt and uncle succumbed to the sickness originating from the Fox lands and her Father was dishonored and ordered to commit seppuku. The story of how Toritaka Benkei and she kept to honor despite their Father’s plot has become legendary. This is aided by the fact that Kasumi is friends and allies with the ‘super pervert’ and pillowbook author Kakita Hiroshi. He was more than happy to publish the tale of how the twins managed to not marry one another and not dishonor themselves despite being engaged for ten years.

Kasumi married Kitsune Tomo in 1129 and was blessed with a daughter, Kiyomi shortly afterwards. She found Hitomi in her own lands when the girl’s mother, a geisha, tried to abandon her because of her strange yellow eyes. Believing her to be her little brother’s daughter, Kasumi raised Hitomi until Benkei was free of his duty to protect Sanjuro Daichiko and Sanjuro Yurika.

Kasumi was blessed with her son Izumi in 1132, another son Minoru in 1140, a daughter Sayuri in 1143 and if rumors are correct, will be blessed with a fifth child after the new year.

Kasumi has looked beyond the Empire’s borders and has become worried about the threats beyond. As the Major Clans are too hard to maneuver, she’s been trying to ally all of the minor clans together. She has a particular dislike for the newest Major Clan.

Kasuga Kasumi

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