Kasuga Tomo

Captain of Yang's Honor

Kasuga Tomo
Air:3 Earth: 3 Fire: 5 Water: 3 Void: 3
Awareness: 4 Agility: 6
Initiative: 6k3 Armor TN: 25 Reduction: 3
Weapon: Parangu Attack: 9k9 Damage: 6k2 (Will break if 30+ damage in single attack)
Weapon: Kama Attack: 9k8 Damage: 3k2
Weapon: Katana Attack: 9k9 Damage: 7k2
Weapon: Wakizashi Attack: 9k9 Damage: 6k2
Honor: 3.5 Status: 4 Glory: 3

School/Rank: Yoritomo Bushi School 3, Kasuga Smuggler School 1, Kasuga Bushi 3
Advantages: Different School, Prodigy x 3, Forbidden Knowledge (Gaijin Pepper), Languages (Thrane), Multiple Schools, Blissful Betrothal (Kasuga Kasumi), Ally (Kitsune Yamako) – 8
Disadvantages: Consumed: Insight (Commerce), Failure of Bushido: Honesty, Disbeliever, Dark Secret
Techniques: Way of the Mantis: No penalties to movement or attacks for rough or uneven terrain. Do not lose Glory or Honor for using Peasant or improvised weapons in combat. No penalties for fighting with a small or medium Peasant weapon in your off-hand. Gain a bonus of plus 1k0 to all attack rolls.
Voice of the Storm: Every time you hit an opponent in melee, his armor TN is refused by 5. This penalty only applies to your attacks and lasts for 2 rounds. This technique is cumulative (number of times equal to your School Rank), and the duration resets with each application.
Strike of the Mantis: You may make attacks as a Simple Action instead of a Complex Action while using weapons with the Samurai or Peasant keyword.

Way of the Tortoise: Learn additional gaijin language for free with every purchase of the Languages Advantage. Do not lose Honor for using Low skills or Glory for Commerce in public as long as it is part of your duty to your clan. When dealing with Heimin or Hinin, gain +2k0 bonus to all Social Skill Rolls.

Ride the Pitching Deck: A life of riding the waves give the Tortoise an extraordinary sense of balance and body control. Kasuga Bushi add their Reflexes to all agility based Sailing rolls, and Athletics rolls made while on board a ship. They add their School Rank to all Commerce and Lore: Underworld rolls.
Stars Lead the Way: Reading the signs of the heavens, the wind, and the currents is a science and an art. Tortoise can find their way nearly anywhere. They add their Awareness plus School Rank to all Sailing (Navigation) rolls.
Shadowed Presence: While Tortoise are skill warriors and sailors, they are at their best when using guile. They may add their Stealth rank to any attack against an opponent who is unaware of their presence or who cannot see them.

Outfit: Light Amor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Pair of Knives, Traveling pack, 10 Koku.

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities Clan Abilities Advantages/Disadvantages
†ª±Commerce 5 Int 9k6 + 3 Appraisal + 1k0
†Defense 2 Ref 6k3 +1k0
†Jiujitsu 4 Agl 10k7 Improvised Weapons +1k0 +1k0
†Kenjutsu 7 Agl 9k9 Parangu, +1k0 to damage, Readied as Free, Dice explode on 9&10 +1k0 +1k0
†Knives 5 Agl 9k8 Kama +1k0 +1k0
†±Sailing 10 Agl or Int 10k9 + 2 or 10k8 Navigation, Knotwork +7 when using Navigation, + 3 while on board a ship using Agility +1k0
†Athletics 6 Str 10k3 Swimming, +5 TN when wearing armor + 3 while on board a ship +1k0
ª*Stealth 7 Agl 10k8 +5 TN when wearing armor +1k0
±Iaijutsu 1 Agl 9k6 +1k0 (attack only) +1k0
Hunting 3 Per 6k3
Craftsmanship – Shipbuilding 4 Int 9k5
Craftsmanship – Fishing 4 Agl 10k6
Craftsmanship – Cartography 4 Int 9k6
Battle 4 Per 7k3
ª Investigation 7 Per 9k4 Notice, Interrogation, Search +1k0
ª ^Etiquette 4 Awa 9k4 +3 insight +2k0 against Heimin or Hinin +1k0
ª ^Courtier 4 Awa 9k4 +3 insight +2k0 against Heimin or Hinin +1k0
ª ± Sincerity 7 Awa 10k5 Deceit, +5 to contested rolls +2k0 against Heimin or Hinin +1k0
ª ±Lore: Underworld 5 Int 9k6 + 3 +1k0
*Sleight of Hand 4 Agl 10k6 Conceal, Escape
Calligraphy 1 Int 5k4 Cipher
Forgery 2 Agil 8k6
†,ª,±School Skill *Low Skill ^ Social Skill

Kasuga Tomo

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