Kitsune Daisuke

Fox Clan Champion

Kitsune Daisuke
Nickname: Suke
Air: 2 Earth: 2 Fire: 3 Water: 2 Void: 2
Awareness: 3 Willpower: 3 Intelligence: 4 Perception: 4
Initiative: 4k2 Armor TN: 15 Reduction:
Weapon: Katana Attack: 6k3 Damage: 6k2
Honor: 6.5 Status: 7.5 Glory: 2

School/Rank: Kitsune Bushi School 1/Kitsune Ranger
Advantages: Absolute Direction, Balance, Clear Thinker, Hero of the People, Inner Gift: Animal Ken, Irreproachable, Paragon (Compassion), Paragon (Honor), Precise Memory, Way of the Land (Fox Lands), Wealthy – 10 Ranks
Disadvantages: Driven (Fox Clan), Idealistic, Cursed by the Realm: Jigoku, Haunted (Isan)
Techniques: Student of Kitsune Mori: The Kitsune family owe their lives to the great forest so near their home. Their bushi train beneath its branches, tracking and stalking prey in preparation for defending their home and their family. As such, all Kitsune Bushi gain +1k0 to both Stealth and Hunting in rural areas, and the Stealth (Ambush) emphasis does not result in a loss of Honor if used to defend a member of the Kitsune Family, or Fox lands. The other focus of the school is on the safety of the renowned Kitsune Shugenja: whenever a Kitsune Bushi uses the Guard Maneuver on a shugenja, that shugenja may ignore any increases to Spellcrafting TNs due to environmental or enemy distractions.

One With The Wild: Although they do not possess an ability to speak to the kami, the Kitsune rangers are at home in the wilderness like few others in the Empire. You gain a Free Raise on all Hunting Skill Rolls and on any Stealth Skill Rolls made while in a rural environment. Additionally, you gain a bonus of +2k0 on any Contested Roll involving detection, whether you are avoiding detection or attempting to detect a hidden opponent.

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities Clan Abilities Advantages/Disadvantages
†Hunting 3 Per 7k4 Tracking +1k0 and free raise in rural areas
†Lore: Nature 1 Int 5k4
†Kenjutsu 3 Agl 6k3 Katana, +1k0 to Damage
†Kyujutsu 2 Ref 4k2
†Athletics 2 Str 4k2
†Animal Handling 3 Awa 6k3
†Stealth 1 Agl 4k3 +1k0 and free raise in rural areas
Knives 1 Agl 4k3
Horsemanship 1 Agl 4k3
Sailing 1 Agl 4k3 Navigation
Perform: Biwa 1 Agl 4k3
Courtier 5 Awa 8k3 +3 Insight
Etiquette 5 Awa 8k3 Courtesy, +3 Insight
Intimidation 1 Awa 4k3
Sincerity 1 Awa 4k3 Honesty
Perform: Storytelling 1 Awa 4k3
Lore: Heraldry 2 Int 6k4
Lore: Bushido 2 Int 6k4
Spellcraft 1 Int 5k4
Calligraphy 2 Int 6k4 Cipher
Divination 1 Int 5k4
Games: Shogi 1 Int 5k4
Commerce 1 Int 5k4
Lore: History 1 Int 5k4
Lore: Spirit Realms 1 Int 5k4
Lore: Theology 1 Int 5k4
Lore: Law 1 Int 5k4
Medicine 1 Int 5k4 Wound Treatment
Investigation 2 Per 6k4 Notice, Search
Battle 1 Per 5k4
Defenses 1 Ref 3k2
Iajutsu 3 Ref 5k2 Ready Katana as a Free action
Tea Ceremony 1 Void 3k2
Meditation 1 Void 3k2
† School Skill *Low Skill ^ Social Skill

Outfit: Light Armor, Extravagant clothing, Daisho, Bow, Traveling Pack, 24 Koku


Kitsune Daisuke has a lot expected of him. As the only surviving son of the previous Daimyo, Kitsune Toshihiro, Daisuke grew up knowing he would take over the duties of Daimyo from his big sister Kitsune Yamako. Since his mother died when he was eight, Yamako and Toshiro raised him and saw to his training.

Daisuke always tries to have what’s best for his Clan in mind; the Samurai under his command, the peasants under his protection, and the Forest that Provides. He gets along very well with all of his nephews and nieces, and while he doesn’t always agree with his Guardians, Yamako and Toshiro, he tries to respect their wisdom and experience.

He hasn’t told them that his brother Isan has been visiting him in his dreams, giving him direction and advice.

Kitsune Daisuke

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