Kitsune Yamako

Guardian Spirit of Kitsune Mori

Kitsune Yamako
Soul of Compassion
Guardian Spirit of Kitsune Mori
Air: 4 Earth: 6 Fire: 4 Water: 4 Void: (4)
Intelligence: 6
Honor: 6 (8 Perceived) Status: 6 Glory: 8.5

School/Rank: Kitsune Shugenja 5/ Kitsune Guardian Spirit
Advantages: Friendly Kami (Earth), Inner Gift (Animal Ken), Perceived Honor (Rank 2), Touch of the Spirit Realms (Chikushudo), Sage, Seven Fortune’s Blessing (Hotei’s Blessing), Blissful Betrothal, Paragon: Compassion, Allies: Minor Clans
Disadvantages: True Love (Kitsune Toshiro), Dependents (Fox Clan), Lost Love (Kitsune Yukiko)
Affinity/Deficiency: Earth/Air
Techniques: Essence of Chikushudo— May use Sense, Commune, and Summon basic spells to affect the animals spirits of Chikushudo as well as kami (using summon results in the appearance of a single animal spirit). Gain a Free Raise on any non-damaging spell cast on an animal.
Born of the Earth- Sacrifice 2 Earth spell slots and made a Meditation Skill Roll (TN 15). After ten minutes of meditation, you fall into a deep trance and a natural animal erupts from from the ground before your body. Your mind inhabits and controls this animal form until you choose to end the effect, your real body is harmed or disturbed, or the animal form is killed. If the animal form has higher physical or mental Trait Ranks than you, you use the animal form’s traits, otherwise you use your own. You gain any and all abilities of the creature, but cannot speak(and thus cannot cast spells) while in the animal’s body.
Guardian’s Duty: Yamako is the Guardian of her family, Kitsune Mori, the Fox Clan, the Minor Clans, and the Empire—in that order. Whenever Yamako would use a skill as her role as Guardian, her raises are limited by the skill rank. However, if Yamako ever has to choose between the different groups she protects, she must spend a Void point to choose one latter on the list over one earlier. (Meaning she must be in human form)
Abilities: Spirit
Light of Yomi: Once per skirmish, Yamako may take a Complex Action to target an opponent with lower Honor Rank (creatures without an Honor Rank are considered to have 0 Honor for the purposes of this ability). That opponent may not perform any Complex or Simple Actions during his next Turn.
Animal Empathy: Yamako understands the chittering of natural animals.
Eyes of the Owl: Yamako may see as well in the darkness of night as in the light of the sun.
Kitsune Shapeshifting: Yamako’s true form now is that of a six-tailed fox. She can change into a full human as a complex action, a normal fox as a simple action, or a human with six fox tails as a free action. While in humanoid form, she can cast spells as her previous form and has the same Void ring rank (4) as when she left humanity.
Legendary Healing: Once per skirmish, Yamako may knit the wounds in her body as a Complex Action, healing 2k1 Wounds.
A Panther’s Moves : Yamako blends in with her surroundings without a thought. She gains a +3k0 bonus to all Stealth rolls.
Ephereal Form: Once per day, Yamako may choose to make her body insubstantial. This lasts 10 Rounds and during this time she may pass through other physical objects with ease. This ability only applies to her and any non-living objects she is holding or wearing.
Protection of Tengoku: Yamako gains Partial Invulnerability; she is Invulnerable to all mundane weapons.
Protection of Yomi: Yamako gains Reduction 5.
Speed of a Predator: Yamako gains Swift 2
Heart of Kitsune Mori: Yamako is the Forest. While in Kitsune Mori or Chikushudo, Yamako cannot be killed. If she would be reduced to dead, she revives in the heart of Kitsune Mori at dawn.
Taboos: Cannot tell anyone her true name or nature, Cannot be the target of elemental spells, Cannot drink alcohol, Cannot eat meat, Cannot enter a shrine or temple, Cannot kill a living being, Cannot break a promise, Must dress in colors of natural form, Cannot allow the woodlands to be harmed, Cannot harm commoners and must give them aid at any opportunity

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Calligraphy 3 Int 9k6 Cipher
†Hunting 5 Per 9k4 Tracking, Survival
†Medicine 10 Int 10k9 Herbalism, Wound Treatment, Disease, Antidotes
Animal Handling 7 Awa 10k4 +1
Games – Shogi 3 Int 9k6
^Perform – Singing 3 Awa 7k4
^Perform – Biwa 2 Agl 6k4

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

After her adventures as an Echo and becoming a Soul of Rokugan, Yamako’s duty was not yet done. She became Daimyo of the Fox Clan until her little brother, Kitsune Daisuke was old enough to take over in 1144. She left the Celestial Order and became the Guardian Spirit of Kitsune Mori in early 1124. She and the other Souls fought at Oblivion’s Gate. During that conflict, Yamako’s mother, Kitsune Minori, was taken by a fever. When her husband, Kitsune Toshiro, retired from being the Emerald Champion in 1138, she helped him become the Human Spirit of Honor.

The two of them are still very much in love and have been blessed with many children.

Kitsune Toshiaki and Kitsune Masuhiro in 1123.
Kitsune Yukiko in 1124.
Kitsune Daiki, Kitsune Itsuki, and Kitsune Ayaka in 1127.
Kitsune Hideki and Kitsune Hinata in 1132.
Kitsune Naoki and Kitsune Kanon in 1142.

Kitsune Yamako

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