Sanjuro Daichiko

Air: 2 Earth: 4 Fire: 3 Water: 2 Void: 3
Strength 3
Honor: 6.8 Status: 9.0 Glory: 9.0

School/Rank: Sanjuro Bushi 2
Advantages: Blissful Betrothal (Miya Houki), Kharmic Tie 5 (Miya Houki), Wealthy 10, Dangerous Beauty, Crab Hands, Clear Thinker, Social Position, Fame, Ally 6 (Toritaka Benkei), Irreproachable, Precise Memory, Imperial Spouse (Miya Houki)
Disadvantages: Bad Fortune: Secret Love, Dark Secret: Paramours, Failure of Bushido: Sincerity, Lechery,


One of the twin daughters of the heroic Echo/Song/Soul Sanjuro, and former heir to the Mongoose Minor Clan. Currently married to the Voice of the Emperor

Sanjuro Daichiko

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