Shiba Yoshio

Powerful Phoenix Lord and Isawa Keitaro's Big Brother

Air: 5 Earth: 3 Fire: 3 Water: 3 Void: 5
Perception: 5
Initiative: 10k5+5 Attack: Katana (8k3)
Attack: Naginata (8k5) Damage: Katana (7k2)
Damage: Naginata (6k2) Armor TN: 35
Reduction: 3
Honor: 7.5 Status: 7 Glory: 4

School/Rank: Shiba Bushi 5
Advantages: Ally: Kakita Katashi, Balance, Clear Thinker, Gentry (Daimyo), Languages: Yabanjin, Sage, Virtuous
Disadvantages: Idealistic, Lost Love: Shiba Aiko (daughter), Soft Hearted
Techniques: The Way of the Phoenix-Whenever he could spend a Void Point to gain +1k1 to a roll, Yoshio may spend two, for a total of +2k2. He may Guard as a Free Action, but his charge only gains +5 to their Armor TN. Dancing With the Elements-When assuming his stance for the round, Yoshio can choose a target within 30 feet. If that target casts—or is targeted by—a spell, he may choose to increase or decrease the TN to cast by 5. Additionally, when he is targeted by a spell, he can do the same. One With the Void-At the end of every combat round, if a Void Point was used by another character, Yoshio gains a Void Point. This can exceed his maximum, but extra are lost when the fight is over. It can only trigger twice a skirmish. Move With the World-Yoshio may attack with Polearms, Spears, or weapons with the Samurai keyword as a Simple Action instead of a Complex Action. Touch of the Void-For every Void Point Yoshio spends, he gains the effects of spending two. He may now also spend Void Points on enhancements twice in one turn.
Kata: Iron Forest Style (For polearms or spears, use Air ring instead of Agility to determine Attack)

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Defense 3 Agi 6k3
†Kenjutsu 5 Agi 8k3 Katana, +1k0 sword damage
†Kyujutsu 2 Ref 7k5
†Meditation 3 Void 8k5 Void Recovery, restores 2 Void Points
†Polearms 3 Agi 6k3 Naginata, +5 initiative
†Lore: Theology 3 Int 6k3
†Iaijutsu 7 Awa 10k6 Assess, Focus, Strike
Athletics 3 Str 6k3
Courtier 5 Awa 10k5 +1k0 on contested rolls
Etiquette 5 Awa 10k5 +1k0 on contested rolls
Lore: Heraldry 3 Int 6k3
Artisan: Painting 2 Awa 7k5
Artisan: Poetry 2 Awa 7k5
Calligraphy 2 Int 5k3 Cipher
Games: Shogi 2 Int 5k3
Investigation 2 Per 7k5
Sincerity 3 Awa 8k5
Battle 4 Per 9k5 Mass Battle
†School Skill

Shiba Yoshio

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