Toritaka Benkei

Clan Champion of the Falcon Minor Clan

Air: 4 Earth: 5 Fire: 5 Water: 8 Void: 3
Initiative: 10k5+7
Attack: Bisento, 10k7+2 Damage: 10k4
Armor TN: 30 Reduction: 11
Honor: 7.3 Status: 7.5 Glory: 8.5

School/Rank: Toritaka Bushi 5, Defender of the Wall 3
Advantages: Great Potential (Polearms), Prodigy, Large, Hands of Stone, Quick Healer, Strength of the Earth, Tactician, Way of the Land (Mongoose, Falcon, Kaiu Wall)
Disadvantages: Cursed by Gaki-do, Momoku, Disturbing Visage, Lechery

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Animal Handling (Falcon) 6 Awa 10k4+2 +1k0
†Hunting 6 Per 10k10+2 Tracking, + 1k0
†Kenjutsu 4 Agl 10k5 +1k0
†Lore: Spirit Realms 5 Int 10k5+2 +1k0
†Polearms 8 Agl 10k7 Bisento, +1k0
†Athletics 6 Str 10k10+2 +1k0 , +5 TN when wearing armor
Defense 6 Ref 10k4
Jiujitsu 5 Agl 10k6+2 Grapple
Investigation 4 Per 10k9
^Etiquette 5 Awa 9k4 +3 insight
^Courtier 5 Awa 9k4 +3 insight
Meditation 5 Void 8k3
Battle 5 Per 10k9+2
Heavy Weapons 4 Agi 9k5
†School Skill *Low Skill ^ Social Skill

Toritaka Benkei

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