Toritaka Hitomi

Falcon Clan Yojimbo

Toritaka Hitomi
Air:3 Earth: 3 Fire: 2 Water: 4 Void: 3
Agility: 5
Initiative: 7k3+10 Attack: Bisento: 9k7
Armor TN: 33 Damage: Bisento: 9k3
Reduction: 8
Honor: 10 Status: 1 Glory: 9.4

School/Rank: Toritaka Bushi 3
Advantages: Absolute Direction, Crab Hands, Inner Gift: Foresight, Languages (sign), Large, Paragon: Duty, Read Lips, Strength of the Earth, Wary, Read Lips, Kharmic Tie I (Sagura)
Disadvantages: Antisocial (4 cost version), Disturbing Countenance, Mute, Obtuse, Lechery, True Love (Kitsune Toshiaki)
Techniques: The Falcon’s Eyes: Add +1k0 to all Skill and raw Trait rolls involving the Perception Trait. When Striking a creature from another Spirit Realm, you add +1k0 to all damage rolls.
The Falcon Takes Flight: Detect creatures from Spirit Realms by using Perception
The Falcon’s Wings: Attack as a Simple Action with bisento or samurai weapons
Outfit: Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Bisento, Traveling Pack, 3 Koku

Skill Name Rank Trait Roll Emphases and Mastery Abilities
†Animal Handling (Falcon) 4 Awa 7k3
†Hunting 2 Per 7k4
†Kenjutsu 2 Agl 7k5
†Lore: Spirit Realms 1 Int 3k2
†Polearms 8 Agl 9k7 Bisento
†Athletics 2 Str 6k4 +5 TN when wearing armor
Defense 1 Ref 4k3
Jiujitsu 1 Agl 6k5
Investigation 5 Per 10k4 Notice
Iaijutsu 2 Ref 5k3
Medicine 2 Int 4k2
Intimidation 1 Awa 5k3
Weapon Skills Considered Rank 1 Varies Varies
Social Skills -4k1
†School Skill *Low Skill ^ Social Skill

Cursed by Gaki-do


Toritaka Hitomi is a woman of few words. None, in fact. Mute since birth, Hitomi is the adopted daughter of Lord Toritaka Benkei. The rumor that she is really one of his bastards is only supported by the fact that she is just as large as he and they share the same strange eyes.

She has been appointed as yojimbo to her cousin Kasuga Kiyomi, a formality since the girls have looked after each other since they were small. Mirumoto’s Court is the first Court either of them have attended. Hitomi will never be more than two steps behind Kiyomi as her giant, lurking shadow.

After almost a year of travels, Hitomi has discovered much. She has become even stronger, and her eyes are even better at spotting ambushes and unearthly foes. More notable then either of those is the love she found for Kitsune Toshiaki. The two will be married once Kitsune Daisuke has found a bride himself, though Hitomi already carries a secret from their betrothal…

After clearing out his temple of riffraff, and vowing herself to his service, Toritaka Hitomi now stands as Lord Emma-O’s chief mortal servant. Rather than take up the life of a monk, she serves the Fortune of Death by sending souls directly to him, snatching them from spells and enchantments meant to keep their spirits safe. In return, she is granted his favor… and her voice.

Toritaka Hitomi

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