Uzu-me-boshi (Deceased?)



Air: 3 Earth: 6 Fire: 3 Water: 6 Taint: 6
Agility: 5 Strength: 8
Initiative: 7k3
Attack: Claws (9k5) Damage: Katana (10k6)
Armor TN: 20 Reduction: 15 (5 vs Obsidian, Crystal, Jade)
40: +5 80: +10
120: +15 160: Dead
Honor: 0 Status: 0 Infamy: 9

Special Abilities:
Aquatic- Does not require a Swim check to move underwater. Can remain underwater indefinitely.
Huge- Immune to Grapple, and cannot initiate a Grapple unless
Fear 4- Opponents must make a TN 25 Fear Roll, or flee in terror.
Supernatural Vision- Water and darkness do not impede vision.
Waterfall Crush- Shoots a torrent of water from its mouth, dealing 8k4 Wounds to any within a 10’ radius around the point of impact. Optionally, can shoot superheated steam instead, dealing 3k3 Wounds over a 20’ radius and creating a Shroud of Mist.
Watery Regeneration- Heals 10 Wounds per Round

Uzu-me-boshi (Deceased?)

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