The Ronin's Blade


The Ronin’s Blade is a katana. As a nemuranai it ignores Invulnerability.

When fighting a dangerously superior foe (superior in skill, numbers, or any other way), the wielder of the blade reduces Wound TN penalties by his Honor.

Also, when facing samurai of higher Status, The Ronin Blade grants its bearer +2k0 on any Social Roll.


Stirred to life by Sanjuro, Tatsuya’s father, the blade has yet to accept its new owner. Tatsuya has much to learn, and much to face, before the blade will accept him.

By willingly facing an opponent (Kitsune Toshiro) of far greater skill and status than he, and accepting his Duty to make right the mistakes of his youth, Tatsuya awakened his blade spectacularly. The spirit within the blade has accepted him, and works alongside his noble soul without question.

The Ronin's Blade

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