Tag: Phoenix


  • Tsi Jade Mempo

    A jade mempo, covering a samurai's face from nose to chin. The mempo is almost human in form, but the features are somewhat skewed and exaggerated. An inscription along the inside of the mempo reads,

    _"Touch the Void, Become the Void. See …

  • Shiba Sagura

    Born the second child of the important Phoenix daimyo, Lord Yoshio, Shiba Sagura was never groomed to take over his father's office and rule. He was allowed to pursue his own interests more freely than his older sister, Aiko, who was the born heir. At …

  • Isawa Keitaro

    The returned Soul of Rokugan was one of the Phoenix shugenja that developed the technique for turning returned spirits back into mortals. He made a passing comment that it was remarkably similar to what "an old green-eyed friend once showed me." Once the …

  • Keiko

    A young phoenix, one of the messengers of the heavens, Keiko has been traveling with the Accursed, learning of them and their mortal woes.