Kitsune Winter Court

As the weather turns, both Emperors, Toturi and Hantei, declare their own Winter Courts. Each Court has representatives from every Major Clan. In this time of warfare, however, of the Minor Clans only the Tortoise have received an Imperial Invitation.

In response to this, Fox Clan Champion Kitsune Daisuke has pronounced an historic first: a Minor Clan Winter Court. All inquiries by the eight Major Clans have been rebuffed, and security has been impossibly tight.

Clan Representatives

Clan Allegiance
Position Within Clan
Fox Clan Kitsune Daisuke Clan Champion
Falcon Clan Toritaka Benkei Clan Champion
Hare Clan Ujina Suzuka Courtier, Daughter of Clan Champion
Monkey Clan Toku Kotu Courtier
Sparrow Clan Suzume Riko Courtier, Daughter of Clan Champion
Dragonfly Clan Tonbo Tatsuki Courtier
Mongoose Clan Sanjuro Yuzuki Courtier, Daughter of a Soul
Badger Clan Ichiro Kihongo Clan Champion
Imperial Seppun Kenta Imperial Oversight
Tortoise Clan Kasuga Kiyomi Courtier, Daugher of Clan Champion
Centipede Clan Moshi Akira Courtier, Engaged to future Clan Champion
Wasp Clan Tsurichi Ai Courtier

Kitsune Family


Kitsune Toshiro (20) 40
Kitsune Yamako (20) 40
Kitsune Toshiaki 23
Kitsune Masuhiro 23
Kitsune Yukiko 22
Kitsune Itsuki 19
Kitsune Daiki 19
Kitsune Ayaka 19
Kitsune Hinata 14
Kitsune Hideki 14
Kitsune Kanon 4
Kitsune Naoki 4

The Court has no formal events, though there will be games, dueling, and alcohol aplenty.

The only representatives of the Major Clans, outside of the Mantis diplomats, are Shiba Sagura and Bayushi Mamoru. These two are only present on behalf of Sanjuro Tatsuya, and their actions will reflect on him and on the Mongoose Clan in general. Technically present is Kakita Kiyo, serving as Sagura’s “yojimbo”.

While Mantis Clan members did receive invitations, they had to put up the disgrace that the invitations were sent to their original Minor Clan constituents. This insult will not soon be forgotten…

Kitsune Winter Court

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