New Spells

Air Spells

Shelter of Yume Do
Ring/Mastery: Air 2
Range: Personal
Area of Effect: Self
Duration: A single night
Raises: None

This spell protects a caster’s dreams. While he sleeps, his dreams and thoughts are protected by the Air kami. He cannot be drawn into nightmares or invaded from Yume Do while this spell is active.

Emissary of Ningen-do
Ring/Mastery: Air 3
Range: Personal / Touch
Area of Effect: One Target
Duration: 2 hours
Raises: An additional hour per raise.

A more specialized, powerful form of Benten’s Touch, this spell calls upon the Air kami to grant a unique form of protection in the Spirit Realms. While under the effect of this spell, native spirits in the area regard the target as another native spirit, not a mortal human. Gaki regard him as another gaki, for example.
Certain unique or powerful spirits would see through the spell should the target interact with them, so caution is still advised.

Void Spells

Slip Through the Cracks
Ring/Mastery: Void 3
Range: Personal
Area of Effect: One Target
Duration: Instantaneous
Raises: Area of Effect (one extra Target per two raises)

This spell allows the caster to slip into the Void that connects all things, and come out into a spirit realm. If the realm is closely tied to the location the spell is cast (a battlefield is connected to the Realm of Slaughter, for instance), the caster gains a Free Raise.

Boundless Step
Ring/Mastery: Void 5
Range: (Special) 100 miles
Area of Effect: Self and possible targets
Duration: Instantaneous
Raises: Range (+10 miles), Area of Effect (additional target per raise)

True understanding of the Void reveals that it is in all places, at all times. Boundless Step allows the caster (and possible allies) to cross many miles in the blink of an eye by stepping through the Void.

If the location is within the caster’s line of sight, the spell is cast as normal (a round per mastery level). If the spell is cast beyond that, it requires two minutes of casting per mastery level (10 minutes, and that can be reduced down to 2 with 4 raises).

This spell can be cast during a session of Boundless Sight, though others cannot be brought through with the caster in this way. That also means that the location is within the casters line of sight, and is cast in actions, not minutes.

New Spells

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