The Accursed


Bayushi Mamoru, Cursed by Gaki-do
Cause of Gaki-do’s Curse: Cast Adrift by Fate

In the time of the original Songs of Rokugan, the first spirit scars appeared in Chikushudo, Yomi, Toshigoku, Gaki-do, …and Tengoku. A Lesser Fortune fell through the Scar in Heaven, and the moment his foot touched Ningen-do lost his divinity. Confused, having been plucked from Tengoku by way of Jigoku, the man wandered the Emerald Empire for many years. Seeking a way to travel back to his Heavenly position, he went to temples and monasteries, telling his story and asking for their aid. None could find a portal to Heaven, however, and the ex-Fortune eventually died under Kolat knives. Rejoining the kharmic wheel, his soul must now fulfill its Destiny once again in order for Tengoku to accept him back within its gates. His essence, as a former Fortune, has a flavor and power to it that all Gaki will seek to devour, making him a particularly desirable morsel to the denizens of that realm.

Redemption: Return to the Heavens

As the former Fortune of Actors, elevated to that station by Hantei Genji, Mamoru’s soul must win back that station, or remain eternally mortal.

Shiba Sagura, Cursed by Gaki-do
Cause of Gaki-do’s Curse: Previous Incarnation Judged by Emma-O

In a previous life, the soul now belonging to Shiba Sagura gave in to desire and temptation, constantly hungering for the pleasures of life and abandoning all Honor. Upon his death, Emma-O judged him for torment within Gaki-do until his kharmic debt had been paid. The efforts and sacrifices of more-noble friends saved his soul and set it back on the kharmic wheel, giving him one last chance to make up his blackened kharma and seek his ultimate destiny.

Achieve Ultimate Destiny

With only one life left before eternal damnation, Shiba Sagura must realize his soul’s Destiny, thereby escaping judgement and passing on to Yomi or Tengoku.

Sanjuro Tatsuya, Cursed by Inari
Cause of Inari’s Curse: Assaulting Inari’s Blessed

When Tatsuya not yet a teenager, Mirumoto Fumiko and her sons were invited to partake in a hunting trip with Yoritomo Aramasu, Clan Champion of the Mantis. While hunting near Fox Clan lands, Mirumoto Hideyoshi goaded Tatusya into taking a shot at a nearby vixen. The fox stumbled away and disappeared, Tatsuya’s arrow embedded in her chest. That fox, in reality Kitsune Yukiko, returned to her mother, the six-tailed Kitsune Yamako, who was unable to prevent her daughter’s death: instead, she froze time around Yukiko at the moment of her death, just as her spirit began to leave. Blame fell upon the one who shot the arrow, the instigator, and the one who invited them there.

Redemption: Family’s Forgiveness

To save his family, his clan, and himself, Tatsuya must obtain forgiveness from both of Kitsune Yukiko’s parents. Toshiro, Spirit of Honor, told the young Mongoose to undo the harm his arrow had caused, and restore Yukiko’s soul to her body. Yamako, Spirit of Kitsune Mori, required Tatsuya to experience and prove True Love, to know what he had deprived her family of by felling Yukiko.

Kasuga Kiyomi, Cursed by Maigo-no-Musha
Cause of the Realm of Thwarted Destiny’s Curse: Avatar of Destiny’s Failure

Due to the nature of her birth, and especially her parent, Kasuga Kiyomi exists outside of Destiny’s design. Every action she takes threatens the Destinies of those around her, for better or for worse. The Celestial Order quakes at her existence, fearing further breaks from the perfect Heavenly example. Every spirit of every Realm knows what she is: some will aid her, some will harm her, but all acknowledge the unique power she unknowingly wields.

Sanjuro Yuzuki, Lord Moon’s Curse, Cursed by Meido
Cause of Lord Moon’s Curse: Onnotangu and Akodo, the Lying Darkness

The Soul of Sincerity, Sanjuro Sakura, made several small bargains with the Lying Darkness during the quest to close the Spirit Scars. When it threatened to overwhelm her, threatening the quest and the future of Rokugan, the Kami Shinjo appeared and used her influence over the Darkness to cast it out. This occurred under the light of Lord Moon, though, and the sight of his hated child casting out his ‘chosen son’ overwhelmed Onnotangu with fury. Unable to further affect Lady Shinjo at that time, he instead laid a foul curse upon Sakura and her line.

Cause of Meido’s Curse: Ennui

Yuzuki’s past life was stuck in Meido for a long time: far longer than is normal. She kept joining different lines, and winding up in the strangest of places. When the Echoes of Rokugan closed the Spirit Scar in Meido, the spirit saw something that at last captured its interest. Seeking out Emma-O, Fortune of Death, she received his judgement, reincarnation, and her fondest wish: to meet at least one of the mighty heroes known as Echoes. Fate, it would seem, has a sense of humor.

Toritaka Hitomi, Cursed by Gaki-do
Cause of Gaki-do’s Curse: Theft of a Soul

Centuries past, one of Hitomi’s past incarnations carved her way into the Realm of the Hungry Dead to save the soul of an unworthy friend. Though he was freed and rejoined the kharmic wheel, the action could not be so easily forgiven. To this day, Gaki hunt after the soul-thief, seeking him/her through fate, marking all those souls that could be their final target.

The Accursed

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