Kasuga Bushi School

Kasuga Bushi School

Benefit: + 1 Reflexes
Skills: Commerce, Sailing (Navigation), Sincerity (Deceit), Lore: Underworld, Knives, Stealth, any one Bugei skill
Honor 2.0
Outfit: Sturdy clothing, light armor, daisho, any 1 weapon, 5 koku


Rank 1: Ride the Pitching Deck
A life of riding the waves give the Tortoise an extraordinary sense of balance and body control. Kasuga Bushi add their Reflexes to all agility based Sailing rolls and Athletics rolls made while on board a ship. They add their School Rank to all Commerce and Lore: Underworld rolls.

Rank 2: Stars Lead the Way
Reading the signs of the heavens, the wind, and the currents is a science and an art. Tortoise can find their way nearly anywhere. They add their Awareness plus School Rank to all Sailing (Navigation) rolls.

Rank 3: Shadowed Presence
While Tortoise are skilled warriors and sailors, they are at their best when using guile. They may add their Stealth rank to any attack against an opponent who is unaware of their presence or who cannot see them.

Rank 4: Strike of the Snapping Turtle
When striking with a weapon that falls under a School Skill, the Tortoise may attack as a Simple Action instead of a Complex one.

Rank 5: Crash of the Ocean’s Waves
A Tortoise sailor knows the pitch and roll of the sea. By synchronizing his own rhythm with that of Water, he can upend an opponent. He gains a Free Raise on all knockdown attempts.

Kasuga Bushi School

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